Managing Ads on Newsy
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To start monetizing your sites, first you need to sign up with advertising platforms. We list various advertising platforms here. In most cases, you will be provided with code snippet for the advertising item which you need to add to your site.
Newsy ad manager
Those advertising code snippets can be added via Newsy's ad manager (menu is available on the top header as shown below). This is where you list all of your ads in once place and then they can be applied to any sites later on.
Updating your ads.txt file
Most of advertising platforms require you to add a small file called ads.txt which contains identifier for publisher of the ads. The content of this file should be provided by the advertising platform you're using and all you need to do is copy and paste. If you are using more than one advertising platform, you can just append at the end of the file. As long as each platform's ads.txt file content is contained in the file, it should be ok.
Applying asd to a Newsy site
Once you have added ads via Ad Manager, you can now apply those ads to your site. You do this by going to the Advertising settings in your site's admin panel.
Usually, when you receive an ad snippet, you may have to choose the size of the ad (e.g. long vertical, horizontal, square). Some ads might be geared specifically towards mobile. Some ads are applied throughout the entire site. So please make sure you choose the appropriate ad placement.
Some ads are applied site wide, meaing there is no specific size attached to the ad and is applied to the entire site (e.g. a pop-up ad).
Lastly, you can add more than one ad items for each placement and Newsy will evenly rotate them through ensuring each ad is displayed evently.
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