Accessing your site via sub-domain
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In domain setup help page, we saw how we could configure our domain so that either the root domain or a domain with prefix www can be used to connect to your Newsy site.
When we prepend a prefix like www, we usally call this a sub-domain. In fact, you can specify any type of sub-domain and as long as you save the sub-domain string in your site's Domain Settings page (as show in below image) and also create a CNAME with that sub-domain pointing to the correct Newsy site. The prefix www has traditionally been a widely used sub-domain to access websites (www standing for world wide web).
What this means is that you can create two (or more) different sites on Newsy and create a sub-domain for each site from the same root domain and create a CNAME for each sub-domain to point to the corresponding site.
For example, let's say you have a domain called You can now create one Newsy with and another with As long as you create CNAME records for each of these, your site should work.
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