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Please note that the generating contents via AI requires AI credit to be purchased, which is available from the billing section within the admin panel.
Newsy provides a way for you to auto-generate original and SEO-ready articles using generative AI techniques. These articles are long-form and you can either generate them by giving them a simple title or you can take an existing article and let AI paraphrase and expand on it.
Generate articles by giving a prompt (or title)
First, go to the contents section in your admin panel and click on New Content button and you will see the Via AI option as shown above. When you click on this button, you will be given the following popup as below.
Here, give a potential title for an article you want to create. Type in a title and then on the following page you will see the content generated and you can either refine it further or you can submit as any other posts.
Re-writing an existing article with AI
You can also either re-write an existing article, or take an existing article and expand on it. First select an article you want to re-write within your admin panel and you will see the following AI options.
You can either summarize or click on the re-write button. Once you've done that, the newly written content will be populated into the textarea available, which you can refine or submit it as any other posts.
Automatically re-writing contents sourced feeds
You can also completely automate the AI content generation by re-writing the contents found from RSS feeds.
This option is available when you either add a new RSS feed or update an existing one. By enabling the option above, our AI will use the title and the content from the RSS feed as a base and generate a new content based on it with a new title. This is great if the contents from RSS feeds are abbreviated and too short or if you want to automatically generate unique contents without having to think of a potential title.
Please note that once a content is re-written, we will no longer link to the original content and its source will no longer point to the original RSS feed.
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