Enabling HTTPS for your site

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Please note that if you have set up your domain using Cloudflare via API or Newsy directly, HTTPS is automatically enabled.
On this page, you will find an instruction on how to enable HTTPS for your domain. The instruction assumes that you are using Cloudflare as your DNS service and you are connecting to your Newsy via CNAME.
There might be other tools that offer similar services and you are free to use any of them. Newsy is not affiliated with CloudFlare or any of its subsidiaries. We recommend CloudFlare since their DNS tool is excellent and mostly, their service is free for making it work with Newsy, which we highly recommend our users to make use of.
Turn on SSL/TLS
Once you have set up your CNAME via CloudFlare's DNS tool, you can click on the SSL/TLS option and click on the Full SSL/TLS mode as shown in the screenshot below.
Setting up page rules
Now your site has HTTPS enabled, which means you can access https://www.my-domain.com, but the HTTP still goes to http://www.my-domain.com. Ideally, what you want to do is redirect all requests to one single destination - https://www.my-domain.com and you can achieve this by setting up Page Rules in CloudFlare. Essentially, you are telling CloudFlare, if someone requests X, make sure you redirect them to Y and since your domain is configured through CloudFlare, page rules are handled by CloudFlare automatically before request is passed to Newsy.
Assuming the address for your site is https://www.my-domain.com, we create 3 page rules as follows.
http://my-domain.com redirects to https://www.my-domain.com
http://www.my-domain.com redirects to https://www.my-domain.com
https://my-domain.com redirects to https://www.my-domain.com
By enabling the above page rules, you should now see all requests coming through one single URL. There is no changes required on Newsy.
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