Selling your domain

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Many of Newsy users purchase domains with a potential goal of selling them. Newsy helps them to turn these domains into something useful while waiting for the right buyer to make an offer.
To support this, Newsy offers a feature to attract potential buyers by adding a CTA (Click-to-action) banner on your site, which will allow your visitors to directly submit an enquiry if they are interested in buying the site. This option is available via Sell Your Domain option, which is shown below.
Enable this feature and set the minimum price you want for this domain and the visitors to your site will see a banner which, when clicked will present the following pop-up.
Newsy will automatically verify that all email addresses are valid and all sales enquiries will arrive both in your email inbox and also be kept in the Inbox.
Please note that Newsy does not mediate the actual sale of your domain. Once you have found a potential buyer, it is your responsibility to conduct the actual transaction and the transfer of the domain.
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