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Assuming you have a domain name and created your very first site, let's add some contents to it. And one of the easy ways to add contents is via RSS feeds.
What is RSS feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and has been around for quite some time. It is a simple way of websites publishing their contents in a simple format, which can be consumed by other websites and programs. Here is an example of a RSS feed from New York Times, which is available here.
It might not make much sense, but you can see that there is an item for which there is a title, link and description. RSS feed provides a common format for publishing contents, which then can be consumed by other websites and re-published.
Newsy supports RSS feed out of the box, so for your site, you can easily add RSS feeds. We recommend that you pick a theme or a topic for your site and then find RSS feeds with contents relevant to your site. What we have learned is that developing a domain with contents that are focused around niche topics do far better in the long-term when it comes to engaging your users, rather than being general.
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