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How does one bring traffic to an idle, un-used and undeveloped domain? Well, there are actually quite a few ways.
Organic traffic - If you have a quality domain (i.e. short, dictionary word, popular word, easily pronouncible, well known brand name) chances are some people will be typing those names directly in the browser. Traditionally, domainers also targeted misspelt domain names (e.g. googel.com) or popular domain name with different extension (e.g. google.asia) (if available).
Accumulated SEO performance - If a domain was previously owned and used and accumulated some reputation through SEO and backlinks, even though it might be un-used, it could still receive some traffic.
Driving traffic to an un-used, un-developed is difficult
There may be other ways to bring traffic to your domain, but ultimately building traffic on an un-used and un-developed domain is difficult. Let's also face it, there are only handful of high quality domains that bring any significant organic traffic. And if you're thinking about converting traffic into monetizing, you can see how challenging it is to have an un-used and un-developed domain. In order to monetize, you first need traffic. To bring traffic, you need to develop your site with something that users value. To develop your domain, you need significant investment of time and effort initially and throughout to maintain the site.
The Newsy Way
Newsy's goal is to achieve this balance. We have designed our tool so that it provides you with everything you need to not only develop your domain quickly, but also automate the entire process so that you don't have to maintain it continuously afterwards.
We also focused on the content-driven strategy to first turn your domain into a niche content aggregation platform and then connect variety of services to expose those contents to bring users to your site and engage with them through various means to convert them into not just one-off visitors, but to returning users.
Please go through the following resources to better understand the various features for bringing traffic to your Newsy site.
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