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Please note that API access is for users with paid plans only.
Newsy also allows you to post contents to your site via API. First you will need to enable it and get your site's unique API key from the API section of your admin panel as shown below.
With the API key, you can now make a POST request to the following URL.
[YOUR SITE URL]/api/content
The parameters you can include are
api_key Your site's API key * Required
title Title of your content * Required
description Content description * Required
url URL of the content [Optional]
category_id Category [Optional]
image URL of image for the content [Optional]
If you wish to assign a category ID, you can get a list of your site's categories by making a GET request to following URL.
[YOUR SITE URL]/api/categories?api_key=[YOUR SITE'S API KEY]
Please note that posting a content has an API limit of 1 request per 10 minutes.
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