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Since GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar (even though they may not have the most intuituve DNS settings page), we would like to quickly show you how DNS should be set up for GoDaddy users. Here, we will be using a real domain as an example.
Create your site on Newsy
In this document, we are going to assume that a site has already been created on Newsy with a domain with a sub-domain www as shown below.
Select your domain
Go to a page where your domains are listed and select a domain that you want to use for Newsy. Click on the domain itself. Do not click on the button that says Use my Domain.
Click on Manage DNS
On the next page, scroll down and find Manage DNS link under the Additional Settings section.
Update your DNS records
For the domain, its DNS records are set up as above.
  • On GoDaddy, we add a CNAME for www and point to its sub-domain as specified by Newsy.
  • For this domain, we would like to redirect all requests to the root domain to as explained here, we use a simple redirect service to set up an A record for @ (the root domain), which points to and TXT record for, which points to Redirects to
Note that, unlike what was shown here, we are not applying https here since GoDaddy does not provide such a service. Also note that DNS changes made for GoDaddy does tend to take awhile, so please be patient while making changes.
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