Auto-Posting via Integration

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One of main ways to drive traffic to your site is to utilize various social media to expose your contents and Newsy integrates with several main services to expand your site's reach beyond just organic and previously accumulated reputation as discussed here.
If you select Integration in your site's admin panel, under Content, you will see that Newsy integrates with Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and Slack directly Essentially, the objective here is to connect your site to these services and Newsy will automatically post popular contents from your site. An example of an automated tweet message is shown below.
The objective here is to expose your site's domain through various sources as much as we can. This obviously builds up the SEO, but it also increases the chance of your site's contents being shared, which will bring in more visitors, who may become your members or subscribers.
Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger all work in a similar way. For Tumblr and Blogger, you will additionally need to select which blog you want to post contents to. For integrating with Slack, please click here.
Please note that the third-party services that you integrate with assume that you comply with their Terms & Conditions when auto-posting. Many of these services have policies around what can be submitted. While Newsy does its best to make sure it complies with the mechanism of integrating and frequency of auto-posting, you are responsible for the content that are being auto-posted. By integrating and auto-posting inappropriate materials or spammy contents, your third-party accounts may be deactivated.
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