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The subject of monetizing a domain has been interesting to say the least, if not contentious. For un-developed domains, domainers (those who buy & sell domain names either professionally or as a hobby) traditionally used domain parking services to monetize their domains. These parked domains are typically comprised of single static pages with some ads on them.
However, the domain industry has changed significantly over the past years and it has become increasingly difficult to monetize your domains. If you have a high quality domain (as we already discussed here), then chances are your domain will receive some organic traffic naturally and from that traffic, you can monetize.
But for the majority of the domains, attracting organic traffic (e.g. users typing the address directly and landing on your domain) is difficult, let alone monetizing that small amount of traffic.
If you have read through the documentations available, Newsy provides a number of novel features to elevate your domain into a highly functional and fully developed content-driven website with built-in strategies to drive traffic.
With your site established with Newsy and content strategies implemented, we can now discuss how Newsy helps you monetize your site.
Managing your own ads, with complete control
Traditionally, an easy way for a parked domain to earn money was for the parking service to place ads for you. That means you sign up and the parking services like Sedo will place ads of their choice onto your domain. While this approach is convenient, you don't actually have a control over what ads are displayed on your site and underlying details (e.g. what cut or fees are taken) are never transparent.
Newsy wants to change this. We want you to be in complete control over your site's revenue-generating power and bring the ads that you want to display yourself. Newsy doesn't take any cut or commission from your ads. They are simply displayed as you choose.
There are many advertising platforms already available, which will be listed here. Sure, it takes a little bit of time to set it all up, but we make it easy so that once you set it up, you can easily apply the advertising across all of your sites.
We believe this is fair. Your domains belong to you and we provide the tools and features that you need to develop your site easily. That means you also get to control what ads are displayed as well. Further, the sites that production generates are fully functional communities built around niche topics and interests. That means, you would want to display right type of advertising, not a random one in order to maximize your return.
When you have a moment, please review the list of advertising platforms listed here. You will find many more with a quick Google search. Once you've signed up, you can start adding your ads to your Newsy sites.
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