Setting up email forwarding for your domain

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If you have set up your domain via Newsy, we also offer an Email Forwarding feature, which forwards all emails sent to your domain to another nominated email address. That is, if your domain is, when an email is sent to, Newsy will forward it to another email of your choice (e.g. your personal email).
Setting email forwarding is quite straight forward. Go to the Domain settings page and click on the Email Forwarding tab as shown in the above screenshot.
Nominate where you would like to forward the emails to and click on the blue button Set up email forwarding for my domain. You should see a pop-up loading screen, which will take about 30 seconds to configure the settings. Once it's finished, you will see the below screen.
Once the setup is finished, Newsy will then verify that everything is connected properly. Since email forwarding requires DNS changes, it may take up to 12 hours for this verification to be completed. At this point, there is nothing for you to do. Newsy will check in the background to make sure the setup is correct. Once verified, Newsy will send a test email to which will arrive at your nominated email.
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