One of the key features of Newsy is its ability to attract visitors through its contents, but also to have them return to your site. This is difficult, but also very important for your (or any) site. A visitor may come to your site once, leave and never come back. But if they find your site and its content interesting, they may come back to your site.
In order to engage both first time and returning users, Newsy comes with membership feature out of the box. Visitors who are interested in your site can create an account on your site, using email & password or via one of their social accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook). Newsy will also handle email verification process so that your site is not spammed by invalid emails.
Once a visitor signs up as a member, he can now do several things on your site which a non-reigstered visitor cannot do. They can now vote up/down on posts, like them and also leave comments. With Newsy's Newsletter feature your members will also receive newsletters, which will help them come back to your site.
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