List of advertising platforms you can use with Newsy

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Please note that Newsy is not affiliated with any advertising platforms. Here, we simply list available advertising platforms you can use. By bringing your own advertising items, you are ultimately responsible for which ads are displayed and from which platform. Please make sure you read through each platform's Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are abiding its rules and policies.
Above list is just a few. If you search for Advertising for content publishers, you will likely see a host of solutions that are out there. In terms of advertising, our recommendation is that you try a few of them out until you find something that works for your site.
Few things to note
Every advertising platform has their own rules and conditions. Some platforms are quite strict in terms of which sites can display their ads. Some platforms might reject your site because your site does not attract enough traffic. Some premium platforms like Google AdSense may also reject your domain because Google AdSense only works with sites with original contents.
So please make sure you read through their Terms & Conditions and make sure you follow their rules and policies. Otherwise, your site could be rejected. We also advise you to test various platforms to make sure you find ads that work for your site.
Traffic first and monetize later
People often jump into advertising immediately and certainly some advertising platforms will approve you. But without much initial traffic, you probably won't see results straight away. Our recommendation is at least spend some time with experimenting with keywords and feeds, build some traffic and then apply advertising later. This also will give you a stronger chance of being approved by the premium platforms (e.g. Google AdSense).
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